Late Night

BRUSCHETTA CAPRESE: Plum tomatoes, Manchego cheese, organic basil and a drizzle of balsamic reduction over crunchy roasted garlic bread – 7

BACON WRAPPED DATES: Blue cheese fromage, Marcona almonds, maple balsamic glaze – 7


SPANISH TORTILLA: Eggs, green and red bell peppers, potatoes, onions, served on garlic aioli – 5

SMOKED PORK TORTILLA: Smoked pork, eggs, onion, paprika served on sundried tomato aioli – 5

ROASTED DUCK TORTILLA: Roasted duck, eggs, onions, tomato served on paprika aioli – 5

BABA GANOUSH: Puree of roasted eggplant with tahini, garlic and olive oil, Served with crostini, celery and carrots – 5

BEET GARBANZO HUMMUS: Traditional puree of garbanzo beans, beets, tahini, olive oil and garlic, Served with crostini, celery and carrots – 5

ZUCCHINI FRITES: House crafted and crusted with semolina, served with smoked paprika aioli – 6

POTATO CROQUETTES: Aged Manchego cheese, herbs, served on saffron aioli – 5

PATATAS BRAVAS: Served with sun-dried tomato aioli – 6

BAKED GOAT CHEESE: Cabernet tomato sauce, mixed herbs, goat cheese, served with baked garlic baguette – 8

STUFFED COCA (FLATBREAD): Hand-made dough stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, herbs goat cheese. Served over cabernet tomato sauce & garlic parsley oil – 13

DUCK EMPANADAS: Smoked paprika aioli – one for 5 / two for 9

BEEF EMPANADAS: Sun-dried tomato aioli – one for 5 / two for 9

CHICKEN EMPANADAS: Garlic aioli – one for 5 / two for 9


TRADITIONAL TRES LECHES: Sponge cake soaked in three milks. Flavor varies daily – 6

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Served with fresh berries – 7